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Doomtree Blowout 6 Starts Tonight @ First Ave! + Interview with Doomtree!

Tonight in Minneapolis marks the start of the two evening Doomtree Blowout 6 at First Ave.
Oh. My. God.
This will be one to remember people! Not even a week off of their 35 show coast to coast Wings + Teeth tour, Minnesota’s premiere Hip Hop crew is ready to tear the roof off First Avenue.

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MC Starr

MC Starr Freestylin’ @ The High Noon Saloon

There are many great Hip-Hop acts in Madison, WI these days, from Dumate to Tefman, to Smokes, to Star Persons, etc etc. However, for pure lyrical style and onstage energy, MC Starr gets my vote hands down for “Best Madison MC” (sorry Starr, I got no plaque for ya). That’s just my humble opinion, […]

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Sincere Life – New Mixtape “Humble Beginning”

Sincere Life is an emcee from Chicago currently living in Madison, WI he has been mastering his craft as an emcee since before his adolescence. For 26 years all he ever wanted was to make it big in the hip hop community. As a kid he can remember writing out lyrics to 2pac’s “So […]

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R.I.P Eyedea, Thanks For The Music

As some of you may know, Eyedea tragically passed away recently. After a few messages from fans wondering if I had any more footage of him, I decided I would go ahead and put the rest up here.
He was a cool guy, and when we asked him about filming he immediately said “film whatever you want, post it on the internet, just don’t charge people for it.”

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Dissent And Revolt "The Absorption" – Live @ The High Noon Saloon

Coming from a metal background myself, it really makes me smile when I see a good metal show in Madison. Seems to be a rare thing these days (maybe I’m not looking in the right places)! That’s where Dissent And Revolt come in. One of the heaviest acts in Madison, these guys are a […]

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Shallows – Live @ The High Noon Saloon

Hailing from Appleton, WI, SHALLOWS brings to the table good old-fashioned dirge and grind, with some terrific modern hard-core metal vocals to round the sound out.

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More Random Butt Funnel! "The Skidmark Memoirs" Live @ The High Noon!

wow. just wow.

So, With the music video shoot for RIP, the MAMA awards ceremony, doing photography for a friends wedding, and the normal intake of live music, I am a wee bit swamped at the moment :) However, it just so happens that for every video I put up on JoeGuerilla, there’s 1-2 others […]

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POS – "Let It Rattle" Live @ The High Noon Saloon

P.O.S. – [n. pee- oh- ess] – noun 1. The motha-f**kin man.

I love listening to this guys music almost as much as making my own music and shooting videos. That’s saying a lot for me, and whenever he comes through Madison I will be there.

His latest album Never Better is awesome, […]

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Dessa "The Chaconne" Live @ The High Noon Saloon

Dessa is by far one of my favorite Mid-West artists (plus the whole Doomtree family for that matter) and I hope this video illustrates what a talented singer and songwriter she is. The song is “The Chaconne”, with Plain Ole Bill backing her up on the 1’s and 2’s. This clip is from her recent […]

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Butt Funnel – "Do Not Abortion" Live @ The High Noon Saloon

God I love Butt Funnel :) I’ve been watching this band grow for the past 4 years from a hilarious joke to a hilarious rock-your-face-off phenomenon, and even though I’ve probably seen them over a dozen times they still seem fresh to me. The line-up has changed over the years to what I believe is […]

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