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The Saboteurs EP – Some Original Music From JoeGuerilla

SABOTEURS-EP-350PXOK, I realized recently that even though I’m pretty much neck-deep in the music industry with my video and web work, most of the people I’ve encountered over the last few years aren’t aware that I actually write and make music myself.

This is , of course, my fault. I haven’t recorded anything in awhile, and as a result I think I’ve let myself down a bit in terms of practicing what I preach.

To that end, I finally put some of my music up on SoundCloud today, and I’m resolving to start taking my music as seriously as I take my other work. This will give me a chance to not only have some fun making tunes, but also test out a lot of my new marketing ideas on my own stuff.

Anyway, check out the Saboteurs EP, a 5 song effort I recorded with my old friend Scott Yanke, lead-singer of Hard Rock band Second Soul.

A little bit of Pop, Rock, R&B, Electronic, and Metal all fused together into…something. I’m not sure what that something is, but I dig it.

Bottom line is, we had a lot of fun making this and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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