Turntable stands: What are they?

So you’re looking for a turntable stand, but what is it really?

This is a little follow up for my last post about Record player accessories: stands and storage (Part 1). When you’re buying your first record equipment, all the names and terms used can get confusing.

Record player stands, record player tables, turntable stands – what’s the difference and what are they?

Collectively all the mentioned above is the same. A turntable stand serves the same function as a record player stand, table, cabinet and so forth.

They serve the same function, to store your records and turntable. The term turntable is often used as a synonym for a record player. It’s the same for furniture. However, it’s good to keep in mind that there does exist different furniture designs.

A table might look different from a stand and a cabinet. One might come with doors, while the other is just one surface (table) to put your record collection on.

Which one you choose depends completely on you. Vinyl record collection size, turntable size, budget and other factors play a role.

Here’s a picture of a turntable stand from Wikipedia:

Turntable stand

They come in so many shapes and sizes and are available almost everywhere. In fact, you don’t even have to use a “stand” for display and storage, but almost any piece of furniture.

However, having a turntable stand just makes it so much cooler. Here’s a very cool one called the Line Phono.